Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production can be defined as audio-visual communications material such as high Definition Video, DVD, streaming video or other such media put in an order for use by a corporate, organisation or company. In most cases, a corporate video is intended for a special purpose in business-to-business (B2B) or corporate environment and therefore only viewed by a limited or targeted audience.

In a corporate set up, corporate video production is the responsibility of the marketing or corporate communications managers. The managers in turn have to hire the services of a corporate video company. The production companies differ in the quality of services offered as well as the cost of productions and therefore the manager has to do adequate research before settling on a particular corporate video company to use.

Today with the growth of digital technology, especially the internet, corporate video production has taken another direction. It converges with other forms of media communications including TV advertising and broadcast television. This is to ensure that the corporate video reaches the intended audience in a high quality, relevant and interesting manner. In other words, production of corporate videos has taken on an advertisement role.

Just to underline the importance of corporate video production, any website featuring video or videos tend to attract high volume of quality traffic from the main search engines such as Google, YouTube and Yahoo. Such websites often make it to the front of Google’s results page and have longer viewing times and lower bounce and click through rates. Undoubtedly, this will catapult the revenues of such companies that use corporate videos on their websites.

The Process of Corporate Video Production

Usually the process of corporate video production takes a predictable path but each corporate video company may have variations depending on the particular type video they are producing. The following is a general process followed by most such companies.

Step 1: Pre-production 

This is the planning stage where the client and the production company crews develop the script or storyboard. The time and scale of the production are discussed as well as terms of engagement. It is also at this stage that the budget for the entire process is developed and agreed upon. Some sort of a contract is signed at this stage before the actual video production can commence.

Step 2: Video production 

The production company will initiate location filming with a camera crew and the video director. This is also, where the actors and presenters come in. In other words, the raw video (live action) is captured complete with all actors and presenters at the location specified by the client.

Step 3: Post-production and video edition 

At this step, the filmed footage or live action is edited together. Other video effects are then added. These may include adding graphics, recording an audio voice-over, composing a sound track or music score as well as including 2 Dimensional/3 Dimensional animation sequences with the finalized video. If the client is satisfied then the video can be published and used for the intended purpose.

Types of Corporate Video 

As already discussed before, corporate video is intended to target specific audiences. There are several types of video depending on the target audience as well as the preference of the client.

Training videos

Companies need to train their employees frequently on the new trends in order to boost productivity. Corporate videos offer easy, efficient and effective training methods for corporations, companies and organizations to train their employees. These videos may also be used to provide employees with instructions on health and safety.

Promotional videos

Video advertising is one of the best marketing strategies in the market today. Promotional corporate videos are meant to promote the company brand to its prospective customers as in TV advertising or online video advertisement.

Event filming/capturing (promo video)

Companies usually have special events on their annual calendar such as product launch, product re-branding and investor relation events (financial results). Usually such events are filmed live and then edited in totality. A corporate video referred to as promo captures a summary of the live event or activity for reporting to the relevant audiences.

Customer or client testimonial videos

Whether the company or business deals in products or services, it has to convince prospective customers that its products are the best. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to produce video testimonials of customers who have used such products and services and were satisfied. Such videos can then be posted on the company’s website or used on TV commercials.

Live action corporate video

This can also be considered a form of testimonial video; however, live action corporate videos usually tell a fictional story, or demonstrate a common scenario surrounding a particular product. This is appropriate if client has a tangible product to release or share with prospective customers. It is also a great marketing tool.

Technology and product demonstration videos

A manufacturing company that releases new products or technology need to demonstrate to their prospective customers how such products works. While the product package usually come with user manuals, video demonstrations are much better than such manuals because the users can see exactly how the technology or product works.


An animated corporate video is one of the best tools for businesses, corporate or organisations can use to explain complex ideas, services and tools in a manner that is fun, simplified and easy to understand. The corporate video companies can use either 2D or 3D animations depending on the client preference, budget and the process to be explained.

There are many other types of corporate videos depending on the particular need of the client as well as intended purpose. A good corporate video company should be able to produce all these video type and ensure they are high quality, relevant and unique.


Video occupies a special place in the growth and development of a company as well as normal day-to-day running of any business (whether small, medium-sized or large) or organisations. When used in the official website of the company, it attracts volume and quality traffic, which translates to an increase in popularity for the company brand and therefore more revenue.

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